The Best Coal Fired Pizza in New Jersey

Some people think the pizza wars are between New York and Chicago, but if you are from New Jersey, then you know the best pizza is New Jersey pizza. That means that the real pizza wars are waged between New Jersey pizza shops, because if you can prove you have the best pizza in New Jersey, then you prove you have the best pizza in the U.S.A., and maybe even the world.

Urban Coalhouse. The Best Coal Fired Pizza in New Jersey

Urban Coalhouse is on a mission to prove it has the best pizza in New Jersey and we are doing it by bringing back old fashioned pizza firing techniques! When we say old-fashioned, we mean really old-fashioned. Americans fell in love with pizza over a century ago when the first pizzerias opened in New York City. These pizzerias used coal-fired ovens to achieve the high temperatures that provided the crispy crusts that came to be a hallmark of New York style pizza. However, gas and electric ovens gradually replaced coal ovens, and pizza places turned away from high-quality ingredients, as pizza became viewed as a fast food.

At Urban Coalhouse, we are returning to the days when pizza was a dining experience. We bake every pizza in a coal-fired oven at temperatures around 800 degrees, providing a crispy crust and a flavor that cannot be matched by gas or electric ovens. We also make every pizza with high quality ingredients like fresh mozzarella, extra-virgin olive oil, fresh basil, and San Marzano tomatoes. Of course, we are more than a pizzeria; we are a full-service Italian restaurant with a full bar, an excellent craft beer selection, and a wine list that would make anyone’s Italian grandmother proud. In fact, we like to think that everything about us would make grandma proud, including how we serve our food; much of our menu is family-service style, meant for the type of sharing you would find around a family dinner table.

With locations in Red Bank, Paramus, Brick, and Hoboken, Urban Coalhouse has already been voted the number one gluten-free pizza in the area, and we are ready to claim the title of number one all-around pizza place. Come taste the difference coal-firing makes and see why we are so confident we will get that title!

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